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What is insurance exactly? In it's simplest form insurance is a system of protection against loss in which a number of individuals agree to pay certain sums for a guarantee that they will be compensated for any specified loss by fire, accident, disability, death, etc.

A contract, usually called an insurance policy, outlines the premium amount, policy provisions, terms of guaranteed payment and specifies the perils in which the insured is covered.

Insurance has evolved over time to meet the needs of an increasingly diverse population. My goal as a Life Insurance Broker/Consultant is to locate the most suitable coverage at the most reasonable cost for my clients. I also provide proven innovative ideas on how individuals and businesses can get control of their insurance costs.

Because insurance is not a one size fits all product, there is a range of categories to choose from including:

so that I can assist you to aquire your own affordable insurance policy. Free quotations can be provided by phone, fax or email.