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The Life Insurance Guy™

Located in downtown Peterborough, Ontario, The Life Insurance Guy™ has been providing insurance brokerage services to businesses and residents of Peterborough, The Kawartha Lakes, and Southern Ontario since 1996.

Chamber Plan Group Insurance

The areas of insurance that my Brokerage specializes in include Group Benefit Plans, individual Life, Disability, Mortgage, Key Man, Partnership and Critical Illness. Upon request we also accommodate our clients with their group and individual RRSP investments, and RESPs for their children's future education costs. See a comprehensive list of available insurance products and services.

Our goal as Life Insurance Brokers/Consultants is to assist firms of all sizes in every industry to design and provide group benefit plans for their employees that are appreciated, affordable and sustainable. For firms with existing benefit plans we will advise and recommend the necessary changes which will reduce your present claims experience and premium costs. Due to the escalating rates of inflation for medical and dental costs even the largest employers require a Broker with not only product knowledge but with creative ideas and solutions in order to maintain a comprehensive cost effective benefit plan for their firm. These strategies will assist you and your firm to get control of your insurance costs.

Due to numerous acquisitions and mergers among insurers in Canada over the past ten years there are now a total of 12 companies that underwrite Group Benefit Plans for firms in Ontario; we have access to all of them. In addition, we are the local Agents for the Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan and Maximum Benefit, and can access a number of other programs when it is beneficial to our clients. We presently service more than 350 firm clients throughout Southern Ontario for their group benefit plans. We can provide benefit plans to firms with 1 to 1,000 employees.

We utilize the LifeGuide life insurance software to assist us to locate the best life insurance premiums available for our clients. It is updated every month and provides the premium costs for all of the life products offered by the top 40 life insurance companies in Ontario. Comparisons show that premiums can range as much as 150% among Ontario's insurers for the same policy product. We shop the markets for you to locate the best rates.

so that I can assist you to aquire your own affordable insurance policy. Free quotations can be provided by phone, fax or email.

Agent for the Chamber's of Commerce Group Benefit Plan for small businesses with 1 - 100 employees.

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